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I feel compelled to randomly comment on the closing ceremony

I'm not sure whether to blame the wine or the fact that while I managed to put on the kiddie sunscreen without being mocked by CGH (85 SPF--he even offered to help because I'm milky white!) before spending the afternoon in the pool, I completely forgot to buy a hat, which may have fried my brains slightly, but here are a few observations:

- Prince Harry seems to be having trouble remembering the words to "God Save Granny the Queen"
- Am slightly amused that the old sports guys let take Ryan Seacrest take over at this point
- Boris's got some moves!
- I am slightly disturbed that CGH is able to name all the Spice Girls
- Liam Gallagher's accents seems to be growing thicker with advancing age--either that, or he was kinda soused
- Oh my god, they bleeped out Eric Idle!
- Aaargh! A fly drowned in my wine and I almost drank it!
- While CGH was unable to identify the American national anthem five days into the games (exacta-quote "Huh, this sounds so different when it isn't Jimi Hendrix playing it" followed by "The Jimi Hendrix version was slightly more excellent than the Janet Jackson version and that was only somewhat good because of the boob"), he recognizes the Greek anthem on the first bar
- Pele!
- Dear Robbie Williams, that wasn't very Olympic-spirited of you...(unless it was your former band mates that didn't invite you, in which case it wasn't very Olympic-spirited of them)
- Really? They're interrupting the broadcast now with a fall show preview?

Oh, well, time for Iron Chef.

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argh! *eyebleach* - I WAS TRYING TO FORGET!

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No bleepage in the UK. Eric Idle at his most wonderful. There was something truly glorious about seeing him stand up in front a global audience of millions and singing that at full blast. *cheers*