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Birthdate:Aug 22
Location:California, United States of America
I am unapologetically me: artist, punk, geek, lover, sister, daughter, friend. Streetsmart, jaded, conflicted, damaged, inquisitive, curious, strong, hard, angry, loyal, reckless, nomadic, passionate, incorrigible, sentimental, and fierce. I am the product of a haphazard education, a lot of reading, and even more living.

I have a lot of baggage, even more mileage, and more carefully nurtured neuroses than the human mind can comfortably imagine. I refuse to apologize for any of it. Every action I have ever taken, every decision I have ever made, even the bad ones, were my choice and my choice alone. I wouldn't be me if I hadn't lived through it.

I believe that choice and free will are the ultimate human variables. There is always a choice, it's just that sometimes the options you get to choose from a shitty and shittier. I do not believe in victims; I'm of the school that believes that when life kicks you in the balls, you get straight back up and kick back.

You might not like me, and that's OK, because the split between people who like me and people who don't has always been pretty much 50/50.

Apparently I am supposed to point out that my journal features adult content. There, I've pointed it out. The smut is hidden behind cut tags. The political opinions are not. Caveat Lector.

Please feel free to add me. I won't necessarily add you back though. I filter quite heavily even on my friends list: there are only fifteen people who get to read every single post I make... it's nothing personal. Also, please take a minute to say hello and introduce yourself and tell me why you think my journal is worth reading/how you found it, etc. I'm unbearably nosy.

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999, administration fic, against me!, alfred bester, ancient greece, ancient rome, angel, anthropology, anti-marriage protection week, antiquity, archaeology, aristotle, art, art history, athens, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, being a bad influence, book design, books, boondock saints, buffy the vampire slayer, campino, cheap wine, chocolate, choice, classic sci-fi, classical art, classics, coffee, croatia, die aerzte, die toten hosen, discworld, dogs, douglas adams, erik petersen, ethics, etymology, evil orange root vegetables, falsifying statistics, fiction, film, franklin steve watermelon, free will, geeks, glbt issues, greek history, guerrilla publishing, gun control, hajduk split, hitchhiker's guide, hrvatska, independent presses, jane eyre, kiss kiss bang bang, languages, linguistics, literary criticism, literary fiction, literature, logic, london, misanthropy, mischief brew, modern art, modernity, movies, music, my beautiful laundrette, mythology, needle exchange programs, neil gaiman, nofx, original characters, personal responsibility, philosophy, photography, plato, pogues, postmodernism, protection from bigots week, psychology, punk, punk rock, queer theory, reading, roman history, rome, rugby, sci-fi, science fiction, secular humanism, self-determination, semiotics, sensible drug policy, shane macgowan, shorts that fit, small presses, smiting, split, stompy boots, tattoos, terry pratchett, the clash, the cure, thinking outside the box, thucydides, too much coffee, working out, writing
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